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Our firm employs engineers and experts who have broad experience in the field of grain drying.


Taking their practical experience and observations into consideration in the course of our design and development processes, we maintain close contact with our partners; therefore, our products can in fact be operated, used and serviced in a user-friendly manner.


Our customers are satisfied with our modern, reliable and high quality products.


Our work is based on mutual trust, which helps us to develop the best quality highly efficient products.


Our partners are also pleased with the high level of operational reliability, the excellent service capacity and the rapid and smooth supply of parts.




  • Advanced
  • Modern
  • Energy-saving
  • Environmentally sound


  • Low-temperature drying to spare grains
  • Active dust control, resulting in a dust rate far below the permitted value   (15 to 20 mg/m3 according to the data measured by the authority)
  • Incomparable price/value ratio
  • Low operating costs


  • Only releasable fastenings are used for the building which enable long-term and durable corrosion protection
  • Simple and easy-to-understand handling
  • Accessible units for easy maintenance





In today’s financial situation, many farmers cannot afford to replace his old, sometimes 30-year old or even older but still well-functioning B1-15 or B2-15 grain dryer with a new and advanced grain dryer. Sometimes the competent authority does not even issue an operating license for those ancient agricultural facilities.


Our firm has developed D1 UPGRADING adapter for these dryer. Typically, after building in it, the grain dryer can retain the excellence and high quality, the reasons why a lot of people have preferred it. In addition to these characteristic features, we can also modify the system in such a way that the grain dryer can fulfil or even exceed the parameters of the state-of-the-art dryers (as a result of conversion from a pressed system into a suction system, active dust control, energy-saving etc.). Components such as electric louvres, digital thermometer systems, carpet-like industrial gas burner systems etc. are built in, which can be operated from a control box and make the operators’ work easier and manageable.




We make both environment protection and energetics-related modifications as a result of which it will be easy to obtain all authority permits.


Furthermore, thanks to these changes, owners can save a lot of money.


When used for  

• corn,

• wheat,

• barley,

• rapeseed,

• soy,

• sunflower seed

the operation of the Diamant Grain Dryer product family is characterized by low-temperature drying for sparing grains, fast dispensing and easy and user-friendly control.




The Diamant Grain Dryer is your state-of-the-art, modern and entirely Hungarian drier.

Using a D1 adapter, even your old and obsolete grain dryer can be converted into a modern and advanced new drier.